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Looking forward...

Posted April 8, 2011
Yes its been a few days since my first blog, and I did say I would attempt one at a fairly regular interval. But its the end of the season and really we were only a handful of points away from a lock on last place (as if we didn't already know). Don't get me wrong, living in Vancouver it was great watching the Oilers destroy the '11President Trophy winners 6 - 1 over the course of two games (whe... Read More »

Late to the party...

Posted April 4, 2011
I am quite aware that I am late to the party (or blogsphere I guess) when it comes to the regards of our much beloved (and maybe maligned) Oilers, but after a majority of a season expressing my views to friends and co-workers; someone finally stepped up and said share your views with people who care. You see I do not live in Edmonton, and as such I am a vast minority here... I try to see silve... Read More »


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