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Might as well be a month ahead of everyone's blogs saying whose gonna finish where and whatnot...not like anyone cares, but this is for my own sake and something official when a team makes the playoffs that no one even considered, i might be the one who told u so and have it officially out there, but anyways, i say 50% of what im about to write will come true! if not, i will stop watching the phoe... Read More »
Taking a look back into last year and the seasons before we have seen some night and day goaltenders, but im taking a close look into team build and how the goaltender has progressed over thier careers. Here is my list ... [b][u]1. Tim Thomas - Boston Bruins - $5 million cap hit - 37 years old[/u][/b] 08-09 he posted great numbers while splitting duties with Manny Fernandez, in the end he bec... Read More »

Leafs Preview for 2011-2012

Posted July 27, 2011
With the Leafs currently having only 1 more guy to sign and that signing will be completed in the next month or so, really, there's no rush, Luke Schenn might be the next franchise player, what i mean by that is, players who actually stay with there franchise more than 10 yrs...aka Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin, Steve Yzerman, Ray Bourque types of guys; he seems to love it in Toronto and we all love him,... Read More »


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