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Meltdown in St. Paul

Posted February 1, 2012
The Minnesota seemed poised to win their first game post all star break against the Nashville Predators. Dany Heatley scored two goals in the first, the second being a pretty power play goal in which he grabbed it and as he was dropping it to the ice, swatted it out of midair into the net. The first period was all Wild, the unleashed a relentless forecheck that led to several chances to increa... Read More »
Before I get into the blog, let it be known, that it's just that, a blog. A semi-whimsical place to put my thoughts on what I think is going on with the Wild. Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business. At the All Star break, the Wild sit in the 8th seed in the playoff picture. Also as it stands, I would see the Wild getting bounced in the first round if the playoffs started to... Read More »


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