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Maple Leafs off-season Gameplan

Posted June 6, 2016
With the Leafs year one game plan working out as perfect as possible, its time to turn to year 2 of the plan. Now will be the tough part. Fans expected the tough season in rebuilding. We got rewarded with the first overall pick and a bunch of extra picks added in from shrewd trades. Now is the time to continue being patience. The prospect cupboard is growing but still not at the point where th... Read More »
The long rumoured signing of arguably the best coach in the NHL today, Mike Babcock, by the Leafs must not change what the plan has been for the team. Shanahan had leafs fans committed to a long rebuild, which includes stripping it down to bare bones. They said a lot of the right things at the press conference that it will be a long process, that there is pain in store for the team, and that Ba... Read More »

Maple Leafs Decade team 2000-2010

Posted August 7, 2013
The 1st decade of the 21st century can be split into 2 parts for the Toronto Maple Leafs. From 2000 to 2004 the Leafs were a Stanley Cup Contender making the conference finals, but after the lockout season the leafs missed the playoffs from 2006-2010. The Salary cap hit the Leafs hard causing a lot of change over after the lockout and took until this past season to get into the playoffs. But l... Read More »

Maple Leaf Musings

Posted June 26, 2013
The Leafs have started there off season retooling with the Johnathon Bernier, they still have some big moves and holes to fill. Dave Nonis has to decide what to do with James Reimer now that Bernier is in the fold. There are a few teams that may be looking at adding a goalie. Philadelphia, Phoenix and the Islanders are for sure looking for a goalie. With Reports that Kiprusoff will retire Calga... Read More »

Where's all the Top Line players?

Posted August 8, 2012
Looking through the rosters of many of the teams in the NHL I noticed how many teams lacked a top line forward. By top line I mean a talent player that you would realistically call a top 3 forward. I consider a front line, top 3 forward as a player who is a legitimate 30+ goal scorer and point per game player. Not a player who can have a 30 goal or point a game over a whole season but is a disappo... Read More »


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