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It seems the Sabres may be done with free agency and trades for the upcoming year. Honestly I am ok with that. I wish we could have picked up a veteran forward to help score goals and help the youngers guys but all in all I am looking into the season with optomism. Do I think the Sabres have a contending team? No. Do I think they are a borderline playoff team? No. To me this season is more of an e... Read More »

What About Us?

Posted September 4, 2012
Another lockout is looming on the horizon. As fans we have to sit here and endure this yet again in such a short time. We are forced to listen to rhetoric from both sides. Both sides are complaining that they aren’t making enough “money”. I didn’t grow up wanting to get to the NHL to make money. I wanted to get there because of my love for the game. I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into... Read More »


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