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After collectively catching their breath (or exhaling a sigh of relief, depending on the perspective) Leafs Nation prepares for life after Stamkos. (Steven, we hardly knew ye, but it was fun to dream for the last year or two!) Now, the hard-hitting fact that the Shannaplan will go on as scheduled is inevitably sinking in. The Bay St. Brain-Trust will undoubtedly leave no ston... Read More »

Dave's not here, Man

Posted April 12, 2015
Even the most reality-deprived hockey fans won't ever mistake Brendan Shanahan for Tommy Chong, but the Leafs have conveyed a similar message in the firing of Dave Nonis, Pete Horachek, and the entire coaching staff (aside from Steve Staios, who has been reassigned). Nonis should be judged entirely on his own merits, and there is much blood-letting and defending alike on twitte... Read More »

Why the Penguins should blow it up

Posted February 21, 2015
I know what you're thinking. Madness! Insanity! The Penguins have the world's best player in Sidney Crosby. But hear me out before you start chartering my bus to the looney bin. People often praise Oakland Athletics' GM Billy Beane for being a trailblazer in the name of building a team outside the box. Pittsburgh Penguins' GM Jim Rutherford has an opportunity to change team's approach to... Read More »


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