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Here comes the sum… and I say

Posted July 23, 2015
We all know that Steven Stamkos is going to get paid, the question is by whom? Let me start this by saying that I really do think that the Lighting will resign Stamkos, the thing is how much is that one player worth to his team. The rumors out there are that a new contract for Stammer will be in the 10-12 million dollars per season range for 8 years. This agreement would be the one of the biggest... Read More »

Where do we go now?

Posted July 19, 2015
We are almost three weeks passed the start of free agency, and there are still some good players just sitting there waiting for a contract. The thing is contract spots are all but used up on most teams and the teams that do have contract spots open don’t have the cap to sign anyone else. For this blog is just going to be a quick reference guide to each team’s contracts and cap space. All teams... Read More »
The NHL seems like it wants to expand, by at least two teams. In part two of this blog I will be doing the expansion draft of two new NHL clubs, as well as giving a brief reason why each player was taken. If you want to know which players are available from each current NHL team you can go back and read part one of this blog. The rules of the expansion draft are as follows: • Only... Read More »
It is more than likely that the NHL will be expanding. Now we don’t know where the league is expanding too yet, or how many teams it will be adding, but for this list let’s say two teams and their both in the west, (Sorry Quebec Nordiques fans). For this list I will be using the rules of the 2000 draft as well as a few additional rules. ---2000 NHL expansion draft rules--- -26 of the... Read More »
The old saying stands true; one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. With the NHL qualifying deadline of June 29th behind us, we as fans of our respective teams can now go and dig thought the trash of unqualified RFAs of other teams. We imagine how they could fit in to our teams, how a fresh start could jump start their careers. Now I know that treasure could be a strong word to desc... Read More »


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