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Base Salary and the Trade Deadline.

Posted March 23, 2022
I love the Trade deadline. It's exciting and reshapes the league in many ways, for both the immediate and future of our game and teams. Recently Eklund proposed the idea of an exempt contract at the deadline to help move the big expiring UFA deals. While I personally don't like the idea, it did spark an idea that I do like. It's raw and needs work. For 10 days leading up to the Trade deadline,... Read More »


Posted May 20, 2016
As a long time hockey fan and one time wanna be player, I have my opinions and ideas of how things should be and what is needed to fix my lowly Oilers. Well thanks to the internet and sites like our beloved Hockeybuzz I can now share my beautiful brain for the word to scorn and ridicule. rnrnSo....lets get to it.rnrnThe past is the past and while we can learn from it I find that with social media... Read More »


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