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This is blog number 2. I got a few good comments so I decided to write again. Like before I welcome your comments and feedback. When the leafs won the NHL draft lottery I went crazy, so crazy that I accidentally woke up my roommate. ( Whoops ) But really, what guy in his early 20s is asleep at like 8pm on a Saturday. This draft has the ability to give the leafs their first franchise centre... Read More »
This is my first ever blog, and I welcome any feedback! This is my opinion on what the leafs 2016/2017 line up will look like as of today. So because this lineup is done as if the season started today it does not include any potential trades that could happen in the offseason. By the way I would like to note that giving Jonathan Bernier one more season as the starting goaltender wouldn't be su... Read More »


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