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Posted March 27, 2017
Leafs got blown uo by buffalo but not only did they lose a crucial 2 points but they lost Mr Andersen down he went with what looked like a possible neck or back injury is this the end of the buds? Sparks has been recalled ranking 3rd in the AHL with an impressive. 927 sv % can he hold the fort or will mcelhinny be the man of the hour well just havr to wait and see Read More »
Leafs take on the slowly dieing flyers in toronto tonight and Andersen gets the nod to start again and look to keep his prowess going Matthews and Marner have combined for 10 points in the the last 2 games can they continue to be futile tonight or will the flyers come away stealing another 2 points from leafs nation goodluck and go leafs go Read More »

Leafs hold on for 2 points

Posted March 8, 2017
The leafs looked like it was a easy stomp of the wings last night but little did they know the wings would stirm back in the 2nd and almost tie in the thirs but Andersen stayed sharp even thou the D wasnt quite effective anyways leafs take 2 crucial points goodluck against phili tomorrow Go Leafs Go Read More »

Leafs continue playoff push

Posted March 7, 2017
Leafs take on the wings tonight Andersen will start for the leafs he has played 52 games as of tonight some may wonder if the netminder is burnt out playing more games then expected as he faces a well rested petr Mrazek the last 10 of 18 games on the leafs schedule is at home and its not easy feat 8 of the games are against teams that are either trying tk keep the leafs out or pass the leafs goodl... Read More »
Leafs fail once again to acquire a W and more then 1 point leafs return home tuesday to face the slumping wings leafs have lost 5 straight good luck Tuesday against thr wings Read More »


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