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Las Vegas' expansion team will be picking from the unprotected lists of each team. If precedent says anything, they'll also likely pick 1st overall in 2017. Here's a rules refresher (courtesy of General Fanager): - Teams can protect 7F, 3D and 1G, OR 8 Skaters and 1G - Players with NMC must be protected. - 1st and 2nd year professionals and unsigned picks are exempt from selection. and a... Read More »

The Road Ahead

Posted November 23, 2014
I was never a great hockey player. I'm a fairly poor skater and was among the timbits you watch to see how many times they fall during first intermission shinny at a Junior game. First, I was smaller than all the other kids and couldn't be the stay at home defenseman I wanted to because they were worried about my size. Then, I was lankier than all the other kids and the growth of my limbs had c... Read More »

Expansion Draft Madness

Posted August 27, 2014
With the news that up to four teams could join the NHL by 2017, it gets me thinking: what would an NHL expansion draft look like? assuming all teams expand at the same time, it could be the biggest series of player transfers in the history of professional sport!rnrnAfter all the building the Oilers have done, it would be a shame for the team to be sliced and diced by the Las Vegas Pirate-Hookers.r... Read More »
Earlier this year, I wrote that the 2010 NHL entry draft might have been the best in recent Oilers history. Now it's time to torment ourselves with terrible hindsight and pick out exactly what sucked about it. Remember kids: hindsight is 20/20, as rounds go on you generally are looking for organizational needs and all of these kids are still only 21. Still, here comes the pain train. [u]1st... Read More »

Writers Gonna Write

Posted March 25, 2014
Perhaps a rambling blog, so the TLDR first: If everyone's an expert, no one is. I think bloggers, commentators and TSN analysts who have been writing about the Oilers recently are a bit like conspiracy theorists: you'd tend to believe them if they were saying things that were even remotely similar. Instead, some think the CIA is using KFC for mind control others contend the FBI is doing it, an... Read More »


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