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[u]NHL Rejection of Kovalchuk’s Deal: Better Late than Never on Nixing Bogus NHL Deals.[/u] If you like/dislike this blog post please participate in the forum at my new website below: [url]http://watercoolersportstalk.weebly.com/#/[/url] While this isn’t exactly NEW news, I think it’s very important news for hockey fans. The NHL rejected the Devils, 17 year, $102 Million dollar d... Read More »
I think I have finally reached my breaking point... It's time for people to be held accountable and there is plenty of blame to go around... I think [b]Lindy Ruff[/b] is a good coach, but clearly after the last two years, he isn't getting the message through. You could argue that the talent isn't there, but these players don't even seem to care that they are losing. That is what is so frus... Read More »


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