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Who should San Jose keep?

Posted June 26, 2009
This is only my second blog on this site and has to be short and sweet since I do not have much time. I just wanted to share my thoughts about which players the Sharks should keep, as well as hear some input from other Sharks fans. I think there are only three players that I would be really upset to see go and they are: 1 - Dan Boyle: He is my choice for Captain next year. He is the only Sha... Read More »
[img]http://media.charlotteobserver.com/smedia/2009/04/17/01/530Ducks_Sharks_Hockey.sff.embedded.prod_affiliate.138.jpg[/img] [b]The Same Old Sharks[/b] What is it that the Sharks have been accused of being for the past few seasons (besides chokers)? The answer: [b]Soft.[/b] All year long members of the Sharks organization have been claiming that this is a different club than those that were... Read More »


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