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flames/blackhawks fantasy trade

Posted July 14, 2009
with the hawks being over the cap and calgary looking for a top six foward and lots of depth on defense what about this deal Primaeu,Sarich and boyd for sharp and barker this would free a few million up for the hawks although the flames may have to get creative to stay under the cap by not have the full amount of players on the roster also draft picks may have to be swapped to make this deal work!... Read More »
Maybe saying the flames are the next redwings might be a bit of stretch but there roster is looking good for many years. This years line up should contend for the cup and like the wings there team starts with a solid defense. Is boumeester, phanuef and regher, compariable to lidstrom, rafalski and krownwall ? or maybe the question should can they develop into that trio? goaltending seems to be sol... Read More »


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