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A few years ago Darcy Regier faced some important decisions when addressing his pending unrestricted free agents. The first test was Drury and Briere then a season later it was Brian Campbell. The final test came when he matched the Edmonton Oilers offer sheet for Vanek. Looking at back at all the scenerio's Darcy paid the one guy that was worth the money he signed for. Vanek is a pure goa... Read More »
Eastern Conference final stadings from last year 1 -Boston 116 2 -Washington 108 3 -New Jersey 106 4 -Pittsburgh 99 5 -Philadelphia 99 6 -Carolina 97 7 -NY Rangers 95 8 -Montreal 93 9 Florida 93 10 Buffalo 91 11 Ottawa 83 12 Toronto 81 13 Atlanta 76 14 Tampa Bay 66 15 NY Islanders 61 This year we should see a few teams flip flop with some new teams making the playoff... Read More »


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