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Monday February 12, 2018
Been busy the last couple of weeks but I will start blogging with a bit more regularity for those who care. Here is a small piece to keep you occupied.Last night the Oilers paid homage to the 1984-1985 Edmonton Oilers... in case anyone had forgottten in the last 20 minutes that they were a really good hockey team. It's the mantra this team follows religiously; Reward the...
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Monday January 22, 2018
gipper0073 writes...

At last...again

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“The Buffalo Sabres are a dumpster fire! How can you cheer for that team?” Says the guy who is currently a “die-hard” Tampa Bay Lightning fan…fresh off his two-year run as hardcore Penguins backer. We all know those guys. And while they are seemingly basking in championship glory year- after-year. Johnny Bandwagon will never get to experience the highs and th...
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Monday January 15, 2018
Hall Fan writes...

Oilers Looking to the Future

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I appologize in advance. I am writing on a different site now and this blog isn't as well structured as it could be. Hopefully it is still worth reading.Oilers Brass is scheduled to meet during the 5 day all start break. They are going to discuss whether there is any hope for them this season. TSN is quoting Chiarelli is not being optimistic about them deciding to be...
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Wednesday January 10, 2018
The NHL challenge has been another addition to the game which follows the successful model in the NFL, giving another reason for anticipation for fans.But its reach has not yet been refined.Years ago, the " horseshoe " blue line allowed Matt Duchene to score a goal for the Avalanche, and yes, that was a blown non-call by the linesmen. It's a tough job, sometimes, es...
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Sunday January 7, 2018
After a rookie season that saw him put up 49 points in 82 games, Sebastian Aho has elevated his game during his sophomore season to superstar forward level.Aho is currently on pace for 66 points during his second NHL season at the ripe age of twenty years old. Impressive stuff from a player that many don ’t pay attention to, and probably haven’t since he entered the l...
Tuesday January 2, 2018
--So a happy New Year to everyone, and now how happy will it be in Carolina? Tonight is the first game in a brutal 2 week schedule for the boys from Raleigh, with 6 games in 10 days, 3 of them vs The Washington Caps, with Pittsburgh, red hot Boston, and Tampa squeezed between tonight's Cap game and a home and home tilt to wrap up the stretch. So the going will get tough,...
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Monday November 27, 2017
So if you read my last piece, which you probably didn ’t because it didn’t even make it to the My Hockeybuzz sidebar, I was going on and on about Anaheim’s negative imbalance with shots on goal over the past while. I wanted to look more into this, and I’ve heard of Corsi, but it was never something that got me going. However, I ventured out the re, into the wild, and...
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Wednesday November 22, 2017
" If you say something enough times, someone will believe you. " And after tonight's performance by the Islanders in Tampa Bay it is time now that you all say to one another, " Scotty may just be right, these guys are effing good. " rnrn Not only will this team win the division they will be in contention for the President's trophy.. Have you truly watched this team? To all ...
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Thursday October 12, 2017
Any delusions of the Maple Leafs cruising to a perfect 82-0 season were eliminated Wednesday night as the Devils handed them their first loss of the season by a score of 6-3. This was a rough game for the Leafs as the speed and relentlessness from the Devils forced them into a lot of critical mistakes. Things started well enough with JVR slipping one between goalie Corey...
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Wednesday October 11, 2017
Sabresfan4 writes...

Sabres Woes

Posted 3:02 PM ET | Comments 4
The Buffalo Sabres are sitting at 0-2-1 and seem to be in a down spiral to start the season. The team is turning the puck over way to many times and the top players excluding Evander kane have failed to produce thus far. Goaltending has been suspect and the lack of big saves is troubling especially for a team playing a high tempo, high risk high reward game. The Sabres see...
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Wednesday September 20, 2017
Brian Burke was Right about something now hold on before you abandon ship give my theory a chance. Like many of you I am excited the boys in blue and white are back on the ice, talking to the media and even the hockey shows have started to spin narrative for us to try and follow. That being said as summer winds down I go to thinking how did we arrive to where we are now, a...
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Tuesday September 19, 2017
After having the most successful regular season in franchise, the Columbus Blue Jackets look to add to that legacy this season. This article will go over the offseason moves that the Jackets have done.Starting with the Expansion Draft, the Blue Jackets made a major salary dump by dealing David Clarkson, a 2017 first round pick, and a 2019 2nd round pick in exchange for ...
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Friday September 8, 2017
rnldluce57 writes...

The Opportunity Wiz

Posted 2:46 PM ET | Comments 2
If you blindly walked into a room of NHL GMs and said " who wants a D-man that can bring you 50 points of offense? " , every single one would probably raise their hand. Now, factor in the possibility of a small contract being attached to this player and you have a dream made in heaven... right?...Well, maybe not. Former Hurricane James Wisniewski is still a free agent looking...
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Monday September 4, 2017
It seems almost ridiculous to even ask why a 45 year old player is unsigned, but I'll ask it. Why is Jaromir Jagr unsigned?Lets state the obvious. He is without a doubt old. He'll be 45 to start the season. He isn't the quickest player on the ice. He never has been. He won't be winning foot races that often for you. But he's smart. His hockey IQ is through the roofs. H...
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