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Wednesday February 15, 2017
freelancer writes...

Secondary Woes?

Posted 12:00 PM ET | Comments 1
Great to see the Oil get a convincing 5-2 win last night against the Arizona Coyotes; it helped calm the sea of fans screaming about the lack of secondary scoring as of late. The Oilers are 10th in the league in scoring even with players like Lucic, Nuge, Eberle, and Pouliot drastically underperforming. What's going on here? Let's break it down by looking at the Oilers t...
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Tuesday February 14, 2017
At the start of the season, Islander fans didn't think this team was a playoff team after their dreadful start to the 2016-2017 campaign. When the Islanders fired Jack Capuano they were 17-17-8 and 8 points out and now they sit 1 point out of the last wild card spot, behind the Toronto Maple Leafs, whom they play tonight in Toronto. Doug Weight has done a phenomenal job be...
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Tuesday February 7, 2017
Rumor from a TSN correspondent covering the Oilers vs. Canadian game for radio consumption said that he heard the Oilers are looking to acquire a top 9 forward in a big way before the deadline.Oilers have been hovering the middle of the top 8 in the Western Conference this season and there is a chance they could go either way. I really wouldn't put money on them makin...
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Friday February 3, 2017
zjmac writes...

CBJ Update: February Fever

Posted 12:25 PM ET | Comments 0
CBJ Update: February FeverThe Columbus Blue Jackets have had a busy remainder of January since I last blogged. The last time I blogged was after a victory against the Carolina Hurricanes. This blog will cover the games they won throughout the remainder of February; the All Star Game; and injury updates on the back front —as well as trade rumors. CBJ Post Game No. 44---...
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Monday January 30, 2017
As we discuss trade deadline targets in Edmonton, for the first time in what seems like 500 years, lets take a look at the silky mullet himself, Jaromir Jagr. Now the only reason I bring the name up, is because this type of transaction has Chiarelli's name written all over it. Deja vu much? Remeber that Chia dealt for the Czech ageless wonder in 2013, while he was GM of th...
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Tuesday January 24, 2017
Let me begin by first saying,both opposing fan-bases will likely hate this trade, thus perhaps demonstrating its parity? (lol).About a month ago while roaming the Canucks thread, a fellow poster linked an article/tweet that reported that the Toronto Maple Leafs has/had contacted Vancouver's beloved G.M, Jim 'the rim' Benning in the interest of acquiring Chris Tanev. T...
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Thursday January 19, 2017
Ryan Getzlaf used to bring me out of my seat multiple times every game with his spectacular play-making. Those days are long gone. I'll grant you this: He's still a physical beast on the ice, and I don't think that shows too well on TV. But here are the major problems I see with the Ducks captain:rnrn1) Captain Yapping: On a Fox Sports special, his coach said he got t...
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Friday January 13, 2017
Randy Carlyle is a Stanley Cup winning coach that was chased out of Toronto for reasons unbeknownst to many in the realm of hockey. When you have bad cards, you can only win so many games, yet Leafs Nation rationalized the need for his departure, and look how that panned out. Is Toronto still rebuilding? Yes. Randy Carlyle isn ’t the type of coach that thrives with a team...
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Friday December 30, 2016
wbon22 writes...

The Hall of Fame

Posted 8:14 AM ET | Comments 2
There have been several heated Podcasts recently about players deserving (or not) entry into the Hockey Hall of Fame. rnrnSome of the contributors have taken very very strident positions against candidates and then contradicted their own arguments when applying it to other players who they feel are Hall worthy or in reasoning why some players are already in. rnrnNow, eve...
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Friday December 2, 2016
Last evening the Sabres won what I consider their most exciting game in close to 10 years with a 3rd period comeback win over a very good NY Rangers team. I felt a level of excitement I haven't felt about the Sabres in about just as long and I know I'm not the only one. Through the TV could hear the crowd roar at the Key Bank Center(aka downtown arena) like they had in the...
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Monday November 14, 2016
Lionsgoalie writes...

Lyndon Slewidge

Posted 10:26 AM ET | Comments 5
Everyone has a memory of Lyndon Slewidge. Whether your like me and you remember going to a Sens game as kid and seeing him do his signature sign off as he finished the anthems. Or even as some one who goes casually to games, the man just sticks out. Lyndon Slewidge is as much a part of the Senators organization as Daniel Alfredsson or Chris Phillips. Bruce Garrioch broke n...
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Monday October 31, 2016
After Crosby made his seasonal debut, I wanted to see if it was a legitimate possability for him to win the Art Ross this year and started doing some research. 1st I looked at ppg under Mike Sullivan last year. He scored 66 points in 52 games. (1.27 ppg). I then took that number and and multiplied it over the remaining 73 games (93 pts) and added the 5 he has now. That...
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Sunday September 4, 2016
DeepFantasies writes...

Collecting Keepers

Posted 9:25 AM ET | Comments 24
09/04/2016Once in a while we will be fortunate enough to witness a goalkeeper such as Matt Murray arrive in the NHL at a very young age and make an incredible impact, circumstances can instantly create hockey heroes.All players start to hit their stride at different points in their career; a good poolie watches closely to recognize indicators. I have been interested...
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