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Consistently, both groups (especially the players) have been reaching out to involve the fans in this process.

More so, the fans involve themselves.

Numerous "Stop the Lockout" campaigns have been initiated by fans, Many fans feel jilted, they feel like the game is for their entertainment, that THEY pay the money, and that they deserve to watch, NOW and not later.

You are all so wrong.

Very simply, No matter what the industry, company or product, if there is a labor dispute: that is SOLELY an issue for that organization and its union/workers.

For example, if a movie theatre chain went on strike (Cineplex for example... in Canada for sure... Are they in the States?) would you be on facebook, twitter, blogs (cough), Ranting and raving about how YOU pay to see movies, YOU supply the money to fund these things, Its all about you and your wants?

Not at all (heck maybe you would be... you have a lot of free time don't you?). Sure, it sucks. But its not up to you, its not a personal attack on you, and it does not affect your well-being in any way.

Give it up.

I'm just as big a hockey fan as anyone. I bleed Blue and White and I cannot wait for another season to begin. But I'm wise enough to realize that no one that is ACTUALLY involved in this process gives two poops what I think about the situation. They care about the following things:

- Their job
- Their well-being
- Their families
- Their company
- Effort/Skills/Performance = Reward

Both sides, not just one.

The exact same way YOU would feel if this was happening at your place of employment.

If you were the owner, you would want to provide the most successful, cost effective and profitable business, while maintaining the employees to keep them around and encourage more qualified, and measurable employees in the future.

If you were the employee you would be looking for a fair deal in terms of working conditions and income, as well as long term security and stability

This is all that both sides are looking for, and I don't care if you own the National Hockey League or you own a roadside hoagie stand, the process of negotiation in labor disputes are exactly the same.
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This is how I spent day 1 of the lockout!http://www.facebook.com/StayHomeUntilNhlTicketPricesDrop
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