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Flyers v Habs 1/25/11

Posted January 25, 2011
Flyers are coming off HOT right now. They are coming off a 6 game wining streak and are continuing to show the dominance in the Eastern League. Tonight they will play a minor rival known as the Habs. The Habs are a great team with Gomez and Plekanec. Only one thing might stand in the way of the Flyers coming away with an easy win and that is Price. Price has had a few rocky seasons even since... Read More »


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I like all Teams but My favorite is Flyers.

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Dion PhaneuffMike GreenMike RichardsPhil KesselSteven StamkosJack JohnsonSergi BobMarty BroduerPatrick RoyRon Hextall

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Flyers beating Rangers to go into Playoffs (I was there)Seeing Gange score to beat Boston at Game 4 (Also there)

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I compare myself to JVR. I used to do it to Keith Premieu. I am not a big time goal scorer but I'd standin front of the net. I also skate my heart out to all loose pucks but I love to hit.