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A team Canada 2 for the fun.

Posted May 27, 2016
Just for the fun I will try to complete a second team Canada roster for the world cup from which whom was not taken. Forwards Line 1 Perry - spezza -Hall Line 2Nash -Carter - ladd Line 3 sharp - bozak - lucid Line 4 Neal - Jordan staal - cammalleri Defence Subban - campbell Letting - seabrook Giordano - hamhuis Phaneuf Goalies Luongo - fleury - Crawford This lineup is not th... Read More »
Eastern Conference: Washington X-Factor - Kuznetsov, Why Ovechkin alone cannot carry a team, hes great always showed character in the playoffs and wants that cup, he needs the other Russian to prove that Russia can dominate in the playoffs and rise to the occasion for Washinton. Two .9 + pts per game over the playoffs is always better than 1. Florida - Jagr - He is the heart and soul of this t... Read More »
The rankings will give a point 1 gets 30, and 30th gets point Enhanced Stats: SAT 1. LA Kings, 2. Pittsburgh Penguins, 3. Anaheim Ducks, 4. Nashville, 5. Dallas, 6. Tampa, 7. St Louis, 8. Detroit, 9. Toronto, 10. San Jose, 11. Carolina, 12. Winnipeg, 13. Montreal, 14. Washington, 15. Chicago, 16, Philadelphia, 17. NYI, 18. Boston, 19. Edmonton, 20. Florida, 21. Calgary, 22. Columbus, 23. Minneso... Read More »
Do I think the leafs will make the playoffs next year, no. That being said here is what I think the lineup could look like. Forwards: Komarov - Kadri - Soshnikov Nylander - Matthews - Van Riemsdyke Parenteau - Bozak - Brown Michalek - Laich - Greening Defense: Rielly - Marincin Zaitsev - Gardiner Hunwick - Carrick Extra - Corrado Goalies: Bernier Gustavsson Yes I am predictin... Read More »

Could leafs make 2017 playoffs?

Posted March 19, 2016
The short answer yes, the real answer no. Now why do I say this. Well it's simple if all goes well leafs have a competitive shot. So here is a scenario to play out. A. Leafs get Matthews and he plays lil Mcdavid or they sign stamens and get Matthews B. Nylander's gets close to 60points same as Kadri and Jvr C. bernier has a consistent straight thru solid year D. zaitsev is signed and he has a... Read More »


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