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Canadian Teams at the Halfway Mark

Posted January 7, 2018
Calgary Flames: Just who are these flames? Last year it looked as though the only issues were goaltending and blueline depth. Those issues looked to be shored only to have consistency plague them. No wonder Gulutzan went on a tirade. They need others to step up namely Bennett. Edmonton Oilers: Simple, Chia Pet Chiarelli is at the helm. Still waiting for first domino, Chiarelli to be fired or Mc... Read More »

Second Round Predictions

Posted April 26, 2017
5-3 in the first round decent predictions. Best one is predicting the leafs to make a series with the caps but still ultimately lose. Western Preds Over Blues in 5 This was a toss up but the blues are not paying to their capabilities and the preds have decent forward and the BEST defense in all of the playoffs and a streaky goaltender. Oilers Over Ducks in 6 I am going against the grain... Read More »

2017 Stanley Cup Predictions

Posted April 10, 2017
Eastern Conference: Washington Vs Toronto This is a series that many will think is a wash in the park for Washington, but if there is any team with the speed, skill and tenacity to beat Washington other than Pittsburgh it's the Maple Leafs. That being said, it's too early for the leafs. Washington wins in 6 games as the Leafs make it a series but never really stood a chance. WAS in 6 Pitts... Read More »

Each Canadian Team Early Observation

Posted October 22, 2016
Edmonton Oilers - Tale of two cities - This team started as a team you question defensively as against Calgary they should have lost. Then you have the drubbing against the injury riddled Sabres. Looking bleak and the team tightens up and wins two fairly sound games. Also if this team does well I would like to point out it isn't Chiarelli, its him finding haystack and coming to manage at perf... Read More »
Ottawa Senators: - Pierre Dorion No offence to Bryan Murray but his time was long overdue he did good for what he could but last couple years showed that the Senators needed a fresh face. Enter Dorion and at the moment we cannot say much about Dorion as he hasn't done much other than the coaching hire. I totally disagree with Murray's comments on Cameron as Cameron could have grown so much but h... Read More »


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