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So if you read my last piece, which you probably didn’t because it didn’t even make it to the My Hockeybuzz sidebar, I was going on and on about Anaheim’s negative imbalance with shots on goal over the past while. I wanted to look more into this, and I’ve heard of Corsi, but it was never something that got me going. However, I ventured out there, into the wild, and Googled the word “cors... Read More »
Another game. Another loss. It’s safe to say something isn’t right with this team at this point. Yes there are injuries, but the problem this team is facing is much more than that. Here is a look at some statistics for the Anaheim Ducks over the past 6 games: Tampa Bay at Anaheim 2-1 loss 37-29 shots 1 PPO 2 PPOA Boston at Anaheim 2-4 win 42-27 shots 0 PPO 2 PPOA Florida at Anaheim 2-3 wi... Read More »

Anaheim Continues to Figure it Out

Posted November 19, 2017
Injuries is a word that could be used to describe the start to the Anaheim Ducks 2017-2018 season. The Ducks currently lead the league in man games lost at right around 100 through 18 games played, yet they still boast an 8-7-3 record. Being down your top two centers (Getzlaf and Kesler), a winger coming off a career year (Eaves), and having all 3 of their top defensemen out for at least 8 games (... Read More »
Randy Carlyle is a Stanley Cup winning coach that was chased out of Toronto for reasons unbeknownst to many in the realm of hockey. When you have bad cards, you can only win so many games, yet Leafs Nation rationalized the need for his departure, and look how that panned out. Is Toronto still rebuilding? Yes. Randy Carlyle isn’t the type of coach that thrives with a team of that sort. For those... Read More »


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