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Preds Fail To Bonk Coyotes

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Well the Preds remedied the shots on goal situation that I talked about in yesterday’s post but failed to post a win against a pesky Coyotes team (they out shot the Coyotes 39-24). I felt like the Yotes beat the Preds at their own game last night as they didn’t necessarily play the better game but were bailed out by strong play in net.

Despite getting two goals from new Predator Radek Bonk the Preds could never get anything going. The Coyotes did a great job of disrupting play and forcing the Preds to take some key penalties. They got traffic to the net and skated with energy.

I would like to blame the loss on lack of energy from the night before but the fact is that excuse has never been valid around here. We are typically a great second night team. This loss boiled down to a team getting great goaltending and the Preds looking sloppy. Wayne Gretzky must have watched the Blues game from the night before…I felt like I was watching

Props to the crowd for trying their best to keep the boys fired up. No matter the size of the crowd Pred fans are some of the best around.

Crotch Bang to Craig Weller for trying to take Tootoo’s head off in the third. I don’t care what a guy does you do not clothes line WWF style. Toot’s has never backed away from a fight and if Weller wanted to have a go Tootoo would have obliged. Looks like Tootoo will be okay but I hope the league hands Weller a suspension.

Crotch Bang to anyone who thinks that Mason should be benched. Mason is the man…we are going to have to weather these games with any goalie. He is living under the microscope right now because of his new status as a number one. Give him some time.
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