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I don't even know if they would be able to keep frozen ice in there, but for the Montreal Canadiens' 100th Anniversary, Olympic Stadium is an ideal venue for a Regular Season game (vs. Toronto, Boston or Ottawa on New Years Day).

If you have unsuccessfully tried countless times to get some Habs tickets, you know how fast this game would sell out. They could do a couple of games in here, and it would temporarily solve the demand for tickets. The capacity is 65,000 + seats for a football game, and probably could get close to 70,000 in there.

So if anyone from the Canadiens or the NHL Brass is reading this (probably not!), why not consider a game at the Big O? They could even tear that damn ugly roof off and have a true outdoor effect!

That's all for now, and one more thing,

P.S. I would like to hear peoples opinions!
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January 16, 2008 9:15 PM ET | Delete
great idea.... as long as the BIG O does not fall down if you know what I meen
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