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I'm starting a new weekly bolg. I will be writing about the NHL in general and sometimes, more specifically, the Habs. The post post-season saw the trade of playoff hero Jaroslav Halak to the Blues for Lars Eller and Ian Schultz. Eller, who should be the third line center this year, has good playmaking ability and isn't afraid to play in rough spots. Schultz is probably a year away from playing but he is big, can score, and most importantly in my opinion, can also fight. Of course trading away Halak is tough for the fans but I believe Carey Price could have a decent season of at 30 to 35 wins. And if he doesn't, well we don't really want to expect too much of Alex Auld. Talking about Price, I believe the two-year 5.5mil contract is a little much, especially compared to Stanly Cup winning goaltender Anti Niemi's contract of 2mil a season, but it will have to do. Dustin Boyd was brought in from Nashville in the Sergei Kostitsyn trade. He does have 3rd line potential but due to the depth at center, will be limited to ice time on the bottm line. Eller and Boyd made it easy to not resign Dominic Moore and Glen Metropolit and though their efforts will be missed, the younger talent will, in the long run, be better. Until next time.....
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