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With the recent aquisitions or Toskala and Bell, some people in leafland are still somehow on the offensiven and why? JFJ gave a clear indication that the one spot he intended to upgrade in his club was the the goaltending, and he did so in a reasonable fashion.

This draft was looked at by many as a weak draft year, so why not lose a first round pick in order to recieve a significant upgrade where the team needed it most. In hindsight JFJ could have gotten a few players that nobodu could have predected would fall so far in the draft, but again.. he addressed one of the teams weak spots and made the type of move that a good GM would make.

I think people saying that this is just a patch job need to relax.. Even if it were a patch job, there is a good goaltender in the system, and maybe toskala will give raycroft that extra push that is needed this season to make him a better player, and who knows, maybe Pogge will be ready for a back up role by the time Toskala is gone will still give raycroft that extra push until he is ready to assume the #1 job.

Overall JFJ made a good move, and too many people are caught up in the past with the Allison, Lindros, and Khavnov deals to really open their eyes and see this move for what it is, a good step forward.
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