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Before J.R. opened his mouth to criticize the Atlanta Thrashers on letting Dustin Byfuglien move back to his native position of defenseman, most likely nobody had a problem with him. In fact, like myself, they were probably Roenick fans prior to his comments made during a recent discussion he was involved in. His words are as follows...

“That might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Dustin Byfuglien as a defenseman. I would love to play against Dustin Byfuglien as a defenseman. I would turn him inside out, left, right and center every single time. This kid, he made his living in front of the net scoring goals during the playoffs for the Chicago Blackhawks. Why on earth would you put him back as a defenseman? This kid is strong, he’s powerful, he’s a great skater. Put him in front of the net as a forward. That’s where you want him to do all his damage. Playing him as a defenseman? Maybe that’s why the Thrashers are 0-3 in preseason. Maybe that’s why nobody comes to watch their games. It’s crazy. What are they thinking? They already have a GM that doesn’t know the game whatsoever. But, hey, that’s just my opinion. Like me or hate me if you don’t [agree]. I’m not a big fan of Atlanta for a lot of reasons but the fact that they’re going to play Dustin Byfuglien [as a defenseman], my goodness gracious.”

Excuse me Jeremy but it sounds to me like you are still mad that the Don (Waddell), didn't pick you for the Olympic team in 2006. Dustin had the choice to play D in Atlanta and if that's what he wants then so be it. Hey, if it doesn't work out we'll have to move him back to PF. In the meantime, we all expect great things from Buff no matter where he is on the ice.

Getting to the new season. Fans in Atlanta are desperate for a good product on the ice. There is new confidence with Rick Dudley and Craig Ramsey manning the helm. There is a good young core of players, a solid group of D-men, and arguably the best goalie duo Atlanta has ever had in Chris Mason and the talented and promising Ondrej Pavelec. It would be nice to have one more piece to the puzzle, but fans all around Blueland are expecting a hard hitting, aggresive forechecking, and gritty team that will keep us in a game, night in and night out.
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