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"Screw Ottawa"

Posted 7:58 PM ET | Comments 2
I thought I'd throw out some off-season humor. A few months ago, Alexi Ponikarovsky had a signing acorss the road from where I worked at the time (Newmarket, ON). Anyways, after I paid my some $17 (and change) for a Leafs flag and signature (the signature was more than the flag BTW) some bald guy made his rounds down the line with a sticky notepad asking what we wanted him (Poni) to write, other than his signature. Well, just so happened I was surrounded by girls who all (and I do mean all) wanted something along the lines of "with love" blah blah, freakin blah... so came my turn. I had to come up with something whitty right? I mean it was only natural. I asked the guy, if he's going to write something the only thing I want is it to say "Screw Ottawa". I even asked for it to be written in Ukrainian (just in case he got in trouble ) but upon reading the sticky note, he looked at me and said that it had been so long that he's spoken it, he hadn't remembered how! And he even asked ME how to write it out! Go figure......


He just wrote it in English anyway! So! Therefore, I bring you, my Alexi Ponikarovsky signed Toronto Maple Leafs flag WITH the description: "To Graham: Screw Ottawa!"

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