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Another Oilers option

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So, as we all know, the oilers officially got their 1st overall pick in the draft lottery the other night. However, it makes me wonder what we can do with it. Obviously we can draft whoever we want, and fix the holes in the team through young draft picks. Or, we can trade the pick to get an already proven player in the league to help us out, but with numerous options, its hard to decide who to give it to and for what... There is one option though that in my opinion, hasn't been discussed, and that is the centre issue in Pittsburgh. Right now, the pens have superstars crosby and Malkin as their top two, but they also have Jordan Stall, who could very well be a star. However, being a tar means that Stall is going to have a big payroll, just like Malkin and Crosby (just not quite so high), which makes you think that the pens probably cant afford all 3. Crosby is clearly out of the question for a trade, so that leaves us with Stall and Malkin.
While it may seem ridiculous for the pens to trade their superstar centre in Malkin, i find it to be something very plausible, knowing that they cant keep both him and Stall. So what do we give up for Malkin? Well, we do have that 1st overall pick, as well as a few youngsters who could very well be a star in the league, such as Gagner, and Cogliano. Would the pens take the pick +gagner or cogliano? Maybe, maybe not. The only reason that i see that this doesn't happen is that it leaves the pens in the same situation at centre, having two guys for the 2nd line centre job. Maybe the pick + hemsky... or would that be too much. I don't think so, and i think that the trade makes perfect sense for both sides. Oil get their #1 centre, pens get the winger that they have been craving for to play with Crosby. And maybe this works out well for the oilers, as where it stands right now, omark looks to be the same player as hemsky, but probably wont get hurt nearly as often because of how well he protects himself. (also, how sweet would it be to see crosby and hemsky?) Or, if hemsky's too much, maybe we can convince the pens into taking the pick + a young guy, like martindale, hartikinen, petry. Personally, i would do any of the three, but the pens would more than likely go for the pick +hemsky..
The other route would be to trade for Jordan Stall, who much like Gagner, has the potential to be the #1 guy, but has yet to prove it. Yes it would be a risk, but certainly a risk worth going for. Also, we may not have to give up more than the pick, getting a one-for-one for stall. I could definitely see it. Even if the pens didn't like just the pick, we could send an extra piece, like cogs (who, if we get stall, wouldn't really have a place in EDM).
I personally like either of the deals, and i think both would really be worth it, and make us that much closer to a playoff team. Really just some food for thought.
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