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He is The Saviour

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It was not long ago when Daryl Sutter was regarded as The Saviour here in The Stampede City. It seems that we've all forgotten to thank the man for giving us a competitive hockey team for the last 8 years. We are such a passionate city when it comes to sports, but as soon as the cards fall, we start pointing fingers and demand heads to roll. Together as a city, as a community, as Flames Nation, we need to back our leaders, our coaches and players. Like a death in the family, support is most needed AFTER the funeral, and being this low in the standings, does feel like being 6 feet under. If enough people believe that the season will turn around for our Flames, it will happen. The Law of Attraction works in many ways. Forget about the last name Sutter. Forget about the stats. Focus on the big picture, the Playoffs, and The Cup. If you care about your team you will understand the message. Remember, great teams only win 60% of their games, realistically, the Flames aren't that far out of that range.

Be passionate about being positive.
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