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"Sitting here waiting for a winner"
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Waiting for a Winner...

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The phrase "Next Year" is often uttered around Columbus this time of year. As I sit here watching the Playoffs begin, I can't help but wonder if the Blue Jackets will ever make it there. It's been 6 years of great fan support, high ticket prices, and high expectations. What do we fans get for our loyalty? Doug Maclean saying, "I feel we're one or two pieces away" or "We've played .500 hockey since the acquisition of Sergei Fedorov." Fans of the Blue Jackets have heard his posturing before. Dougie, as I affectionately call him, is practically his own PR campaign. He is the first to toot his own horn if the team is doing well and the first to lay down the excuses. And in Columbus, we know excuses. "We were really crushed this season with injuries." "We just didn't have the energy because we played last night." "We're a fragile team and that goal just killed us." I could go on all day. As a fan, I'm sick of it. I'm sick of losing, I'm sick of being the laughing stock of the NHL, and I'm sick of hearing Doug Maclean feed us line after line of BS. Ownership made the right move by going over the head of Dougie to hire Ken Hitchcock. Hitch has really inserted a winning mentality and drive. Now, the owners just have to make the next logical move and fire Doug Maclean.
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