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After a close-call win against the conference dwelling Hurricanes, the Maple Leafs dropped two hard fought games this weekend against two good teams, Buffalo & Vancouver, who for the most part, played a little better than Toronto did over the 60 minute span.

Yes, both games had glaring errors. Neutral zone turnovers, horrible PK, a couple soft goals, HORRIBLE refereeing in my opinion etc.. what else is new?

The Leafs have a dangerous team, but they're extremely young as everyone knows, and mistakes are bound to happen and will continue to happen. The solution? There isn't one. You can only try to limit those mistakes, and with a young team, those mistakes tend to be that much more costly.

This brings me to my rant on the infamous Ron Wilson.

I've said this for 3 years or so; ever since the BB era begun and the overhaul started to occur.
Ron Wilson is a GREAT coach, but NOT for the Leafs. They're a young and talented core with extreme speed and skill, tons of potential on the roster and in the AHL. Wilson is undoubtedly a quality proven NHL coach, however he is at his best when his team is in their prime, ALREADY motivated, and disciplined to the point where a penalty here or there is not a big deal.

I firmly believe that Wilson simply does not know how to get the most out of the players handed to him in his tenure with Toronto. The only time you see him interacting during games is when the Referee makes a bad call and he is yelling incessantly at them...or whispering to the coach next to him. I see other NHL coaches during their games often, and in between whistles, when ever they get the chance, they are huddling with a couple players and talking to them. Giving them constructive criticism, showing them plays on their clipboard. Now obviously I don't know what happens in the dressing room, but I feel the need to go out on a limb and say that Wilson doesn't motivate, or doesn't know how to motivate, the players playing for him right now.

I feel that Burke's ego and pride has gotten the best of him in this category. (what else is new?) ..In that Wilson is a long-time friend and teammate of Burke's, and he is being granted more time, and opportunity, than appropriate at this stage in the franchise's age and make-up. Wilson must go! We need a new environment for the authority of this hockey team. A change in scenery in the Head coaching department would be a productive next step in getting this team into the god-damn playoffs for once in a decade.

This team gets me on my feet screaming so loud sometimes, and other times i want to throw my freaking bong into my television set after a game. With a little consistency, tweaking, and determination, this team could be more than great. Everyone knows that. Not to mention, a Rick Nash or Eric Staal would Never hurt. I'll be getting into those rumours after the game on monday night.


Sportsnet-Ontario / AM 640

7:07 P.M puck drop.

Go Tronna.
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