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Masked Billboards

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Recently there’s been a lot of talk about having goaltenders wear special jerseys with advertisements on them. When I first heard this idea I reacted like most hockey fans did, my initial reaction was I’ll believe it when I see it. I assumed that this was just another one of the NHL’s brain dead ideas hoping to increase revenues. I couldn’t possible have seen the NHLP allow this idea to go through.

Unfortunately I may have been mistaken. After hearing an interview with Craig Conroy I started to believe that this idea might actually take shape. He said that the he would be open to the idea because it would increase revenues and wouldn’t change the game in anyway. Needless to say I was more than a little surprised by his comments. I always thought that hockey players would put the good of the game ahead of a little extra gravy on their paychecks.

I’ve seen the European league jerseys and frankly they make me wont to throw up, I hate seeing our great game littered in advertisements every were I look. On the boards, in the stands, even on the ice fine I realize that the NHL is a business and it needs to make money. But never on the sweaters. Yes the NHL is a business but lets not forget that hockey is sport first and foremost. A sport rich in tradition and some of those traditions shouldn’t be changed. Many NHL teams have a rich history and the players who wear that crest over their chest do so with pride. Ken Dryden, Gump Worsley, Johnny Bower, Patrick Roy, the list goes on, these players all played with pride for the logo on the front of there jersey. Now we are telling goalies to forget there teams logo and instead put on a sweater saying Pepsi Cola or ING Direct.

I hope that someone in the NHL will have the brains to say no to this idea. Hopefully at least one player will stand up for the good of the game, and maintain its honourable tradition. It’s a sad state when players even begin to think about ideas like this, our game’s heritage is destroyed meanwhile visions of dollar signs dance in players heads.
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