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A shame. . .

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Note - I'm in a sour mood after this game so sorry about the negativity.

How does a team score 4 goals in the opening period still end up losing?
How does a team that team prides itself on its defensive posture, give up 6 goals to a team arguably missing their best offensive player?
How does a team, known to protect leads blow it on 5 separate occasions?

Well let me count the ways: ONE

That’s right, there is one reason why the Bruins lost yesterday and that’s because the coaching staff screwed up. How often have you seen a goalie pulled after one period, (wait there’s more) with the lead in the game; who was victim to an absolute blown call; who has not seen action in 7 games (17 days) and gets replaced by a goalie that despite his incredible resurgence is visibly tired and obviously human over his last 2 games? No way Rask should have been pulled. He might have been “fighting the puck” as they say but that’s going to happen after you have splinters in your butt from sitting on the bench so long and only playing twice in the entire month of December. I agree that 3 goals on 16 shots is poor, but it should have only been 2 goals (Ference got tripped) and the coach should have understood that. Also give the kid a chance, especially since your number 1 goalie needs a breather. But low and behold that was not the only blunder by the coaching staff; Big Z in the shootout at the anchor? I was questioning the Ryder selection but when Jack Edwards said that Z was the third shooter I predicted the outcome right there as did every true Bruins fan. And guess what, I am apparently able to channel friggin’ Nostradamus.

Here is a little list of players whom I would select to take a shot before I’d select Ryder: Seguin (check), Wheeler, Krejci, Bergeron, Horton and Savard.

Here is a little list of players whom I would select to take a shot before I’d select Chara: Seguin (check), Wheeler, Krejci, Bergeron, Horton, Savard, Ryder (check), Marchand, Paille and Recchi.

I respect Coach Julien so much and I really think he is a good coach but he has not lived up to it this year. This game is but one example. The Bruins are in first place because Tim Thomas has been the league’s MVP to date and the only reason why Coach Julien is currently employed.

Rookie Report: MUCH MORE on this is a future post

Draft Pick Report: Stoopid Toronto won, so 4th overall pick at this time.

Division Report: We suck against our division W- 4, L- 4, OTL- 2 for a total of 10 out of a possible 20!
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