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Trenton, NS • Canada • 17 Years Old • Male
This is my first blog here on HockeyBuzz and I was hoping it was going to be about the Canada winning the gold medal at the 2011 IIHF World Juniors in Buffalo, but in stand I'm going to write about how they lost the gold medal.
First - Now I loved the play of Brayden Schenn and Ryan Ellis, but they have so many talented players on that team, like Sean Couturier, Brett Connolly, Casey Cizikas, for examples, but all I seen in the third period is Schenn, Ellis, Johansen, Kassian. And I know you play your best players to win but there’s no need to play the same players over and over again.
Second - Canada played a 40 min game, if you want to win you have to play a 60 min game. Canada didn't play a 60 min game. Canada tried to hard and lost focus. Russia took over and took control. Canada was getting to fancy in stand of getting pucks deep. When Canada was down 4-3, Canada couldn't even dump the puck in to the Russia zone. It was very frustrating to watch.
Third - The way the team was picked made me very upset. Don't get me wrong I loved the big hits and the way Canada played. But if I was picking that team I would be picking more for the future then right now. Ryan Murphy as 17 year old defenseman is a power play specialist and is young. He has at least three World Junior tournaments in him, and is guaranteed two. He has 51 points in 34 games as a 17 year old defenseman in the OHL. To me that’s very impressive. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. This kid played in the WHL when he was 15 years old that should say enough right there. The kid has great speed and hands; he’s not the biggest player but probably could have helped a lot. And he’s only 17 that mean he could play in three tournaments if he doesn’t go right to the NHL when he gets drafted. Another player is Brad Ross. I think he plays a lot like former Canadian World Junior player Stefan Della Rovere. A in your face hockey player and also very physical and that’s how the Canadian coaches pick there team. And has two years in him. Canada could have seven returning players next year, but it’s more like three. I guarantee that Gudbranson, Couturier, Johansen, and Connolly will be in the NHL. So that leaves Visentin, Schwartz, and Howden will be back. Now I'm not saying those three won't be in the NHL I just don't think they will be.
This is my first ever blog on HockeyBuzz I hope you enjoy my thoughts and opinions.

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