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Reimer? Predestined?

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As many know Leaf fans have been creaming their pants over young goaltender James Reimer since his first start against Ottawa where he put up an impressive .970 sv.%. The fact is Reimer has been very consistent throughout his career playing very solid. He has had excellent numbers through the WHL, ECHL, AHL and now the NHL. His emergence has caught many by surprise as the youngster was not hyped by the media unlike many of the Burke acquired players. Riemer has been cool and collected during his reign as a Leaf prospect and has shown he has a lot of skill and excellent positioning.

As many know rookie goaltenders are a dime a dozen in the flash in the pan mode. Many are hard to understand but when the book is out on them they fall to bits. This distinguishes the backups/AHL goalies from the number 1's. Reimer has great positioning that allows him to see shots from any direction but can falter from shots upstairs and the fact that he focuses on the shooter ore than the passer (Though this can be a strength).

Many have anointed the youngest Leaf prospect netminder as the savior, while others have called him a false hope. The fact is no Leaf rookie goalie in 10 years has shown this amount of skill and resilience coupled with his virtually unhyped career has given me some hope of a 1A goalie.

Only time will tell on Reimer but as of so far the young man has delivered beyond wildest expectations.
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