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"I have an opinion but I'm probably off my rocker"
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Be gentle, this is my first post on HockeyBuzz EVER!

Its well known that although E-town's rebuild is well underway, but there are a few pressing issues that need to be dealt with and trade dealine is coming so I feel the need to flex my “archair GM” muscles. We need a couple of centre's with size that are over 50% in the circle and that seems to be a tough order to fill based on the fact that just about everyone that fits that description is untouchable. Free agency may yield someone but I have a few potential trades that I think could happen now.

TOR - Tyler Bozak and Colby Armstrong and a 2011 5th round pick for...
EDM - Colin Frasier and Andrew Cogliano, a 3rd round 2011 pick and a 4th round 2012 pick.

This possible trade is something that I think addresses Toronto's need for speed and Edmonton's need for a centre that can actually win faceoffs. Colby Armstrong has size and grit and hasn't been a great fit for Toronto so far. It also frees up some cap room for Toronto and Edmonton can afford the difference in contracts right now. Plue we know 'ol Burkey like Cogs. The draft pick may be necessary just so Burke doesn't counter with a typical "Burke maneuver" (he really likes Bozak too) but it also may get done with a 4th, 5th or 6th round 2011 pick or without any picks at all. Plus if Burke is unable to move Kaberle before the deadline he will want the cap space for free agency to pick up a replacement because I think we all know if Burke can’t move him now he will want to test the free agency waters.

Edmonton has some value on the D-line in Tom Gilbert and from the rumour mill, we all know that SJ is interested. SJ is also reportedly looking to trade Stetoguchi so here is a possibility.

SJ - Marc-Edward Vlassic and Devin Stetoguchi for...
EDM - Tom Gilbert and Linus Omark

Now before all you Edmonton fans jump down my throat as you frequently do with Cloutier, I really want you to think about this.

OK. SJ may not want to part with Vlassic but Gilbert is a comparable d-man with a comparable contract and a little more experience playing top minutes. Stetagouchi needs a new start and Edmonton looks as promising as anywhere plus, we can afford to re-sign him and give him the minutes he needs to be effective. Omark is creative and fast (and his trade value is high!) but his NHL game is sloppy compared to the likes of Paajarvi and Eberle. I also think he is too small to be of real help in the rebuild longterm and could benefit from playing with some veterans who might be able to calm him down enough for the NHL. This also helps SJ dump some cap room. I know that based on the salary issue that SJ has, they would be far more interested in Omark than say Hemsky or Penner.

As for picking up another legitimate top 6 centre, Edmonton is (like it or not) going to have to do something drastic. This leaves us asking the question as to who wants Hemsky and has a decent top 6 centre to offer.

OTT - Jason Spezza and a 3rd round 2011 pick...
EDM- Ales Hemsky, Gilbert Brule or Ryan O'Marra and (please don't send me death threats) a 1st round 2011 pick.

Again, Edmonton fans, please think about this before you all gang up on me. Spezza is a LONG TERM FRANCHISE PLAYER and I don’t think anyone will argue that he is EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED. The truth is, he will not come cheap via trade so why not just accept the fact that our first round pick this year will not end up yielding a #1 centre but we could give up that pick to get one. I’m also pretty sure that our first round pick in years to come will not be as high as it will be this year. This also helps Ottawa start their rebuilding process now and that might be enough to get them to let go of Spezza. I can see this going a few different ways as they might be more interested in Penner or Gagne but if Tambellini is aggressive enough, we can get him.


There, now we're bigger, meaner, potentially a lot more effective on the PP and still young!!!

By all means, send me your comments as I am new at this.

Side note. I still think trading Ryan Smyth was the stupidest thing I have seen in recent years. Think about how much he would be helping out our core of youth players right now. As I recall, Bob Stauffer from 630 CHED said it best in 2006 when he said something like "this is Smitty we're talking about and when his contract comes up next year there is only one thing that Lowe needs to know. What Smitty wants, Smitty gets". Stupid Fracking Oliers retirement home. Good thing those days are over..
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