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Most people believe both the NHL and NHLPA are responsible for the current labor dispute. But suppose it was decided that to save the season and not loose any games, an arbiter was appointed to resolve the labor dispute between the NHL and NHLPA. This arbiter would working on under the following rules.

1. The arbiter can only choose one of the latest offers from either side.
2. The arbiter cannot modify any of the offers presented.
3. There can be no conditions.

Now suppose your that arbiter, which side would you choose? NHL or NHLPA? And why?


If i'm looking at the longer term health of the league, I'd want to make sure both sides are in the black financially for years to come. As arbiter this is what I'd be focusing on anything else would be minor. How much in the black either side isn't of concern to me, as long as they are making money.

It would pretty much be impossible for the players to be loosing money playing hockey, short of something like a 90% pay cut. Even then that would only probably effect the lowest paid players. With both proposals the players still make money and its not like any of them will end up on the street either.

We all know some of the leagues teams are loosing money and there are probably a couple that should be moved. How many teams are in financial trouble is up for debate however. There are some teams with bad contracts, but there will always be teams with bad contracts.

A team should be profitable almost every year regardless of how successful they are on the ice. The only exception to that would be if a team is going through a lengthy stretch of seasons where they are in the bottom in the league, however once they started to be successful on the ice again I'd expect them to be profitable again.

The NHLPA's offer does not address the profitability of a team. A team is not profitable if it has to rely on handouts from others, which is the solution offered by the NHLPA. The NHL's offer reduces the salary cap, which in turn reduced the cost to the team. While this will not solve every teams problem (ahem Phoenix), it will help some teams greatly.

If i'm the arbiter i'd be choosing the NHL offer. It does more to address the long term health of the league than what the players are offering.
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