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Hawks Final Stretch

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With the move of Skill, Jessiman, and Pacan to Florida for Frolik and Salak the hawks look to be in a bit better shape. With the addition of Frolik Sharp can go back to his natural position at the wing and Frolik will take over as our second line center. One issue that needs to be addressed is the lack of production from Marian Hossa.

He looks tentative during game play like he's still injured. He either needs to sit and rest up his body or find his stride. All season the fourth line has come out and produce while the hawks top lines have struggled.

The defense has been sloppy and out of position many times in many games. In the last game, with the defensive pairs switched up, the hawks seemed to step there defense up and play quite well. Only time will tell if this continues this way, but maybe, just maybe the hawks can find there way into the playoff's and maybe get past the first round.

One positive of this season has been the play of Corey Crawford. Crow has stepped in during the struggles of Marty Turco and has shown that he can be an NHL #1 goaltender. With great technique and an uncanny ability to read a play he is nearly always in position and rarely finds himself out of position. Even still he has enough athletic ability to get himself back into position to make a few acrobatic saves when his team needs him most. look for him to continue this strong play for the rest of the season as long as he is on the ice.
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