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New on the block

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Hey everyone. I've been following Hockeybuzz for a little while now (used to be mostly on trade deadline days, or weeks leading up to it), but I now find myself visiting at least 3-5 times daily.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jeremy, and I'm a 29 year old male living in Edmonton, and as most people, I'm a homer. I love the Oilers. Always have, always will.

I find myself reading Mr. Cloutier's blogs often, simply for his take on the Oilers' situation. I thought about signing up an chiming in here and there. Well, I've finally done it.

I plan on weighing in on the NHL as a whole here and there, but essentially it'll be about the Oilers.

Things are getting very interesting in Oil Country over the past few days. The rumors of trades involving the Oilers have reached a level of insanity...and I love it. After the last couple of years of "nothing" really happening, it's good to see that there are some good sounding rumors happening.

Do I think anything will end up happening with the whole Hemsky/Penner gone by trade deadline day? Yes and no. I honestly see Penner gone, but Hemsky staying. I like both players. Hemsky is a treat to watch when he is healthy. The guy mixes it up, is a fantastic dangler, and is starting to shoot the puck more than he had in previous years. Maybe the addition of the kids have helped amp up his play. Had he remained healthy this year, he could have had one hell of a year.

And then there is "D-Train" (Thanks Sportsnet). Dustin Penner is a good player...when he wants to be. He's a big guy that can be near impossible to knock off the pick, and is a goal scorer. He's finally showing more shades of why he's making 4+ mil a year. Unfortunately...he likes to take several nights off throughout the season, and it's frustrating to watch as a fan.

I do feel Penner will be moved, however, I do not know what we will actually get for Penner. He is a good addition to a team in need of goal scoring. Put I think the play style of the team has to be right too in order for Penner to reach that level he can.

I do hope the Oilers do something between now and the deadline to get a Top D. We need it....badly. When did the Oilers starting losing like crazy this year? When Mr. Whitney was down and out. And the goaltending situation is getting bad. While I thought Khabibulan was going to have a fairly good year within the first 10-15 games...he has since looked lost out there. Part of that is due to the crappy D right now, but Dubnyk is looking more and more ready to be a #1 guy....I like the kid and hope he gets more chances this year and next.

That's all for now.
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