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If you look at the Avs and try to point out the problem, you're going to have a hard to time because the whole team is out to lunch.
I mean I've seen porous defense but they look like swiss cheese out there! No, its not just Hunwick even though he is the worst thing for Colorado since Patrice Brisebios. [At least he's not making 60 foot passes across the neutral zone in overtime] Anyway, Adam foote is too slow and Cumiskey is too hesitant perhaps giving Holos another shot is in order. They just aren't moving the puck with the same confidence as they had earlier in the season.
As for the offense, they keep looking to one another for answers but no one is answering the bell. Once they get a goal which will hopefully come tonight in Minnesota, a lot of pressure will be lifted.
But another big issue is allowing goals early on in games which sets them up for failure. They need to come out strong, establish presence in the neutral zone and keep the puck in the other teams end.
The team can't wait for help to arrive (like it looks like they're doing) because there's no guarantees with Forsberg and Mueller is to far down the line to count on.

My solution to they're current funk....keep O'Bryne out of the damn box and get to the dirty areas to score some ugly goals.
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