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Yesterday afternoons game between the flyers and kings was a well played game and wound up being a 1-0 defeat for the Flyers. I am not concerned with the outcome of the game but a particular call within the game. Entering the last 7 minutes of the game Pronger was hit into the boards from behind questionably. Pronger was square to the boards and hit hard from behind sending him head first into the boards. The ref watches the whole thing, Pronger gets up, shoves his assailant, Stoll, and receives a 2 minute minor for roughing.

Okay, so tell me how a player hit from behind dangerously into the boards merits no penalty but a shove to the chest deserves a 2 minute minor. Personally i think the hit was dirty and could very well have been given a 5 minute major. I think the referees should be reprimanded for the Dangerous miss call and lack of attentiveness. To me, the so called, tucking the whistle away, in the 3rd period is bull. If a penalty should be called, call it. This no call adds to the list of reasons why many people, including myself, believe that the NHL have it out for the Flyers. Bettman and his female doges give the Flyers the short end of the stick on many occasions. This and the no hook call in the last minute of the game held the flyers back from making a comeback. Granted the flyers were being stone-walled by quick all game, 5 minute major powerplay to end the game with an extra attacker may have been to much for Quick to handle. I just want to get across that the NHL should quit holding grudges and call a fair game when the flyers are on the ice.
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