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With all that has gone on in Hockey Town this season there has been one player who has been a steady force in the Wings Line-up. The contribution is coming from the most unlikely of source... #44 Todd Bertuzzi. Ever since his incident with Colorado, Big Bert has not played like himself or the way he can. Maybe it was nagging injuries or the fit was just not right in Calgary or Anaheim. Whatever it was... even last season Todd had his moments but, he didn't seem to be the same. Fast forward to this season. After resigning with Detroit, Todd has been nothing but a horse for the team. He has always been an ok defensive hockey player but, this year he is a sight to behold. In Zetterbergish fashion Todd is controling his own zone and is an absolute beast along the boards. He has been taking faceoffs and playing 4 on 4 situations. Look back at the last 2 games against Bean Town. Todd dominated the boards on everyshift damn near. His chemistry with Johan Franzen is fun to watch. Add one of the best 2 way players in Z and you have one of the best lines in hockey. Bertuzzi has always been one of the players I have liked and this year Todd in finally looking like the Old Canuck form. Which teams were afraid to play against.

Until next week Red Wing Eldz
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