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offseason ahead;

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with the list of guys being UFA or RFA in this upcoming year this team could have a different look. the following will be with a contract expired;

max afinogenov
Tim Connolly
Ales Kotalik
Drew Stafford
Clarke Macarthur
Patrick Kaleta
Jaroslav Spacek
Teppo Numminen
Andrej Sekera
Matt Ellis

with the other players under contract we have 41 million committed. I would expect to see macarthur, kaleta sekera and stafford all resigned. With our budget at about 52 mil that would only leave 10 mil to spend on other guys which is about 9 spots open on this club.
That doesn't look like we can big in any big name guys cause probly about 5 to 6 mil will be spent on UFA after we resign are RFA's. With that being said I see some big holes left, so darcy will have to move some dead weight in guys like tallander or hecht if this team is to be better or just as good as this years club. Because we will be losing connolly and al which are considered two top 6 fowards and we won't be able to sign any without being able to spend 3 to 4 mil on a guy. Plus we would have to find a top 4 dman. So either trades will be made in the offseason or we will be depending on more young guys next year which could put us right back in the same boat as a year ago. Maybe that means big tom has already decide to spend more when approving hecht and pommers new deals? if not we will be a rough looking team once again.

So I ask you what would you do if your darcy? you have to replace 9 spots on are NHL roster, whether you find a guy in portland or else where what you thinking???
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