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Perhaps the best thing that GM Sherman could have done at the deadline is stand pat. He did just that and it seems to be the right move. The amount of tension in the lockeroom has been increasing and due to the slide in the standings it was only increasing as the trade deadine approached. Players like Liles and Stastny were in numerous rumors and with the way that Sherman has been looking to improve the team defensively it was not out of the question that he would make another big change to shore up the problems on a defense that quite frankly is borderline terrible.

So digressing it seems that remaining in a holding pattern at the deadline is a good idea. This will allow things to settle down, let the players develop some chemistry and hopefully build for next season. The thing about the Avalanche is that they really are not a terrible team just a team that has had a bad year, and been hampered by a boat load of injuries. The identity crisis that this team has been having didn't exist unitl late December when it seemed that the injuries and had really caught up with them.

With a team that it is so talented it is easy to forget that they are a very young team and really do not know how to deal with and face adversity yet. That will come in time but until then it seems that this team has lost nearly all confidence, they get hemmed into their own zone on a constant basis and they have a hard time generating second and third chances on the opposing teams goal. They have been sustaining more pressure down low in the offensive zone of late but they have have a very hard time bringing the puck to the front of the net.

After having some time to really digest the Johnson-Stewart trade it seems like this really was good for the Avalanche. However only time will tell and I believe that the more time this core has to really gel they could definitely be contedending for a playoff spot next year.
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