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"Buffalo Sabres Fan"
Tucker, GA • United States •
I'll be honest. The Sabres more than concern me. They scare me. I remember back on July 1st, the post I saw most often was "drop the puck already". I have not seen that much excitement in Buffalo since Gilbert Perreault or Pat LaFontaine. No one would have predicted that they would be 18-19-5 at this point in the season. Can they turn it around? I have no idea.

So I ask you...does the team really have the talent we think it does? If you think about it, what have they won lately with Roy, Stafford, Gaustead, Hecht and even Miller? It seems to me we are hanging on to a "core" of players, who have not won anything.

It's kind of like this. You have your favorite family pet. You hate to put it down, but it is getting old and not functioning correctly. You agonize over it, and finally, you make the decision to put the pet down. You do it. Buried. After that, you get a new pet, and you love it even more. It does so many things the old pet did not do. You are happy, and they are happy. Get my drift?
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