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CANADA ... here we come!

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I do a weekly piece on WCCO-AM [the clear channel to the UPPER Midwest (U.S.) and it's called THE ANGRY MINUTE. A couple weeks back i covered the crazy rate at which Americans, last year, are leaving for Canada twice the normal rate (sic) ...

All things considered, sometimes we empathize... so, I played the ENTIRE version of the "Oh! Canada! " anthem, Stanley Cup Playoff Series GAME 3 (?) after some COMMENT of course, on the DARK STAR SHOW heard Coast-to-Coast, WeekNights 830-AM .... We sOO wish we were You sometimes...

Just CLICK HERE: http://www.soundclick.com...gemusic.cfm?bandID=387051

...and Scroll Down to the UPSIDE DOWN FLAG (thats us) and CLICK on HiFi ...unless you wanna Download It & well ... why are you READNG THIS!!!
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August 27, 2007 1:58 PM ET | Delete
Oilers vs Ducks 2006. Still gives me chills down the spine.
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