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Put Your Hard Hat On!

Posted 12:42 AM ET | Comments 1
Right Now, I'm putting this out there...

This team, to a man, all year has played for the crest on the chest, not the names on the back. Win or lose, they fought, hit, and clawed this team into the playoffs. This team stands together, fights together, wins together, and lose together. I do not want to hear any negativity towards any individual players in this playoff series. I don't care if a D has a turn over, if a forward misses a net, or a goaltender doesn't make a save, this team has exceeded ALL of our expectations this year. We all need to put aside our personal dislikes for certain players: Wideman, Kessel, Metro, Muzz, Alberts... this is OUR team. This is OUR CITY, OUR TEAM, OUR FANS, OUR TRADITION. This team has sacrificed their health/bodies all year to restore an image that many of grew up loving. Let's support them, and we can CELEBRATE TOGETHER!


P.S. Thank you Aaron Ward, you sir, are the epitome of a playoff warrior.
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April 7, 2008 9:29 AM ET | Delete
Hope you guys do well, if for no other reason than to screw the Habs. I love a good underdog.
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