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On a number of fronts...

1. Will Regehr be able to play tomorrow night? it was obvisious that he is currently our best defensmen. With Phanuef a close 2nd.

2. Will McCarty be the answer? If that what the team needs, I hope so! sure he will play sub 10mins, but will the locker room presence be what they need?

3. Has anyone else seen enough of Hale/Warrener in the playoffs already? Warrener has been ok, but Hale has seemed really seemed outmatched so far. You can see Detroit really trying to match up against these guys too.

What concerns me a little about this series is that it seems Calgary played as best they could in Game 2 and were still beaten handley. Although I've heard some fans/media say the think they have "no heart", and are "not executing the system", I would disagree. You can see the effort there, you just see the players being out matched by a superior team. The only thing effort wise that concerned me was seeing Zetterburg out battle Iginla in the corner and easily take the puck... that should NOT happen... EVER!

I'd like to say one thing about the Bob McKenzie statements... he does bring up some valid points from an outsider looking in. It is a good thing to spark debate and hell, maybe it's a good idea... Darryl would definitely set a precedent, but I also know it will not happen. I am somewhat annoyed at how an "insider" such as McKenzie would go off like this. This screams of an Eastern media rep. shoting his mouth off without knowing the situation.

Maybe JR was on to something. If you saw him tear into Bob the other day, you will understand :-)

Other than that, nothing else overly different in the office than any other day. These are pretty busy days for us, so I don't really have time to pay attention to what's going on around me anyhow :-).
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