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For those of you outside of St. Louis, KSDK, the NBC affliate in St. Louis, has been the top news station in the market for decades. This past summer, they purchased the network TV rights to televise St Louis Cardinals games... and hockey fans (along with golf and tennis fans) are getting collectively screwed over in the process.

Four times during the playoffs NBC's telecasts are getting pre-empted by Cardinals games. But that in itself isn't the real problem. This is St. Louis where baseball rules. The problem is the lack of action by the NBC and KSKD's failure to take responsibility for their commitments.

<blockquote>KSDK program director Rebecca Rahm said this week that KSDK's contract with NBC allows for the pre-emptions, and that it is up to the network — not Channel 5 — to find another station to carry the overridden events.

"That's really an opportunity NBC has because it's their product,'' she said. "We work closely with them on that, obviously, because we're an affiliate and we're a partner with them. But that is their opportunity to find another home.''</blockquote>

Thanks for that kick in the gut, Rebecca. It's one thing to screw your viewers over by not offering the programming that you're supposed to be programming, but KSDK not doing anything to help remedy the issue is completely inexcusable.

Unfortunatley, NBC only gave a half assed effort to resolving the problem themselves. There were two obvious possible destinations for the games in St. Louis. NBC only had one conversation each with those two networks and one of them didn't even get called until yesterday.

So, if you're a St. Louisan looking for someone to complain to or just want to complain on behalf of St. Louisans, send an email to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> and tell them what you think about their inaction.

<a href="http://www.stltoday.com/s...penDocument">KSDK says NBC should resolve schedule logjam</a> [STLToday.com]
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