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Hello,I am a Leafs fan, a life long Leafs fan.

Remember when Brain Burke said this was "the Vatican of hockey"? He wasn't wrong. Not to say that this is the mecca of hockey, Montreal probably holds that title. But, this is a team you either love and worship or want to declare jihad against. It is beaten into you at a young age: This is the only team that matters, Stanley cup or not. First overall or second last (without, you know, the second overall pick). We true Leafs fan will go into enemy territory and worship whether we win or lose.

It is 2:25 am where i live. The Leafs just lost to Pittsburgh 3-1. And i cannot help but think "Welp, here comes the mid-season collapse, right on cue".

Will I ever abandon my faith? No. The Archbishop Gilmour told me not to.

Will I ever admit that my beliefs are wrong? No. the Pastor Sittler expressly forbid it.

But why, oh, why does God hate me and countless others? Why must I and the faithful wander the desert, hoping to one day find the holy land? Heck, I'll take Wisconsin (the playoffs), not even the holy land. What have I done to insure such wrath?

See, I live in Winnipeg. In religious contexts, lets say that this is Arabia. Their religion (the Jets) is much, MUCH newer than mine. Their followers are infidels in my eyes. They have not had to deal with the hardships that I have. Sure, they lost their team, but they never showed up when they had them. The mosque moved to Phoenix. Yet, they get resurrected and suddenly surge to a greater height than the Leafs?


These fans cannot understand the uncompromising loyalty we Leafs fans have. Our church never left it's holy city. Maybe that's why they hate us so much.

When their god abandoned them, so did they abandon their church and become Oilers fans. We didn't.

Was God angry that we did not put enough in the collections plate? Was God angry that we did not attend service enough? I went to service everyday, and all i hear was hearsay about Toskala and Blake, and how Kessel would lead us to said promise land. Why would I have to watch as my brother Able cried as Jesus high-sticked the Archbishop and didn't receive his holy comeuppance from the lord?

Alas, I stray from my point.

My point is simply this:


I hope you brought enough water, Leafs fans. This desert is big. We may be free from the Pharaoh (Ballard), but we have a long way to go, and Moses (every GM) seems like half an idiot.

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